Council Staff

John Shaloiko
​​Executive Director
(845) 883-9065 x12

Manages policies and directives, annual budget, and advocacy.

Tessa Killian
Associate Director
(845) 883-9065 x14

Management of programs, SENYLRC goals, staff and Continuing Education programming.

Judy Fischetti
Member Services Librarian
(845) 883-9065 x15

Program support and training for the SEAL ILL System and SENYRLC's Special Library Catalog.

Patricia Carroll-Mathes
Hospital Library Program Manager
(845) 883-9065 x17

Administration of SENYLRC's hospital and medical services.

Jennifer Palmentiero
Digital Services Librarian
(845) 883-9065 x16

Administration of Hudson River Valley Heritiage (HRVH) website and SENYLRC's digitization services to members.

Kathy Horodyski
Program Assistant
(845) 883-9065 x10

Program support for hospital libraries, Board of Trustees support, and other Council office management responsibilities.

Carolyn Bennett
Program Assistant for Communications
(845) 883-9065 x19

Coordinates all SENYLRC communications including website, social media, and SENYLRC Matters.

Zachary Spalding
Systems Manager
(845) 883-9065 x11

Administers all hardware and software technology needs of the council, including 24/7 tech support for council hosted services.

Ben Shor
(845) 883-9065 x13

Manages invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.