Copies, Subpoenas, and Contract Clauses: A Practical Workshop

Stephanie “Cole” Adams is a lawyer in Buffalo, NY.  She provides the “Ask the Lawyer” service to numerous library councils in New York State, and her practice includes litigation, representation, and advice in matters pertaining to libraries, cultural organizations, colleges and universities, and small businesses. She joined us on April 25, 2019 for a workshop and for in-person consultations.

The salient points on the workshop can be found in a document here. They cover Section 108, disclosure of library records, contracts, insurance, and so much more. Ms. Adams has given Southeastern members express permission to make copies for their own use.
Ms. Adams may be reached at, or by calling (716) 464-3386.  For questions on how to retain  services, you can reach out to Cole, or you may speak with her assistant, Sara Loviza, in the office. We also encourage members to use the Ask The Lawyer service, or take a look through the Recently Asked Questions section of the website for more information.