Documents for the Beyond CRAAP Webinar

Date: Monday, November 4, 2019
Time: 1:15pm-2:15pm EST
Presenters: Mary Thill, Northeastern Illinois University; Frank Lambert, Middle Tennessee State University; and James Rosenzweig, Eastern Washington University

Here are documents from the presentation:
Webinar findings (.pdf)
The Why Method (.pdf)
When Is Someone an Authority (.docx)
Google form
As we start a new year, it's a great time to update the way we think about source evaluation! The special guests joined us via webinar for a live discussion on their presentation from ALA called Beyond CRAAP: An Updated Approach to Source Evaluation.

View the webinar below, and on our LibGuide page from the discussion here:

The online landscape is the information environment most familiar to incoming college freshmen: research data suggest that as many as two-thirds of all sources cited in freshman composition papers are websites. The consistent message presented by most academic librarians -- to stick to trusted and verified academic scholarship available from the library -- is increasingly out of touch with the actual choices made by our students. This presentation addresses that problem directly by sharing data from a research-tested model for analyzing and describing sources used by students, regardless of media format or type of publication.

This model is built on a faceted taxonomy first published by Leeder, Markey, and Yakel in 2012. The presenters have streamlined that taxonomy for use in analyzing student research papers and bibliographies, and tested it in two cross-institutional studies. In this presentation, they will share their findings and demonstrate the kind of insights that are possible into both traditional and non-traditional sources through this simple classification method.