Reference SIG

Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Southeastern
Convener: Sharon Fetters, Saint Thomas Aquinas College

Who gets to be a reference librarian? How do we adapt to change from the outside, and when it it appropriate to push back on external forces that are driving us away from core services? Is the Capitalist demand for innovation and efficiency preventing us from providing basic library services? To get the discussion up and running, see: a Tweet from an academic librarian about the constant reinvention of libraries and an article from a public librarian about where reference fits in the modern library.

For this discussion and for a chance to convene with fellow reference librarians, please join us for our latest Special Interest Group Meeting! The meeting is open to staff from all types: academic, public, hospital, special, etc. We will talk about the similarities and differences between different kinds of reference and get to the heart of the matter: best practices for getting patrons what they need. The exact agenda will be chosen by the attendees.

If you are new to Southeastern's SIG meetings or if you want to catch up, We have created a libguide so that you can view notes from previous SIG Meetings.

Registration is free for all members and affiliate members. (Members of members, and of other ESLN councils.)