Privacy In & Out of the Library Webinar

Privacy In & Out of the Library: Non-Intimidating Tools to Keep Personally Identifying Information Secure
In this session we'll examine some of the things you can do in your library to increase privacy without implementing new technologies. Instead of talking about online solutions such as software upgrades, password management, and security, we'll learn about real-world tactics both old and new -- from drafting powerful privacy policies to implementing new ways of getting users their holds. The goal of this session is to help library workers understand that positive privacy practices are within their reach and give them meaningful ways of attaining them. The tools we will go over will be both appropriate for personal and professional use.

Outcomes include:
Creation of an individualized risk assessment profile
Understanding of privacy tools that are immediately available
Empowerment to advocate for improved privacy-forward solutions in your library

Slides from the presentation, including links to resources are posted below in .pdf format