Facilities Management SIG

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Time: 10am-11am
Trainer: Moshe Siegel, Southeastern NY Library Resources Council
Location: online via Zoom or Southeastern's Conference Room
21 S. Elting Corners Rd.
Highland NY

All organizations have facilities needs – but not all facilities have a dedicated manager to handle the upkeep, improvements, and unexpected issues that organizations may face. These tasks often fall to staff whose typical duties fall outside the facilities and who must find the time and gain the know-how to maintain their buildings and grounds and to interface with vendors and contractors.

Southeastern’s Facilities Management Special Interest Group is a new forum where support staff, managers, and library workers can come together to exchange best practices, anecdotes, and problems, and to seek help with specific needs. We can share information on local vendors, capital improvement strategies, and general tips for staying ahead of problems before they become disasters.

The meeting's facilitator will be in person. We will be broadcasting the meeting to Zoom, and you are welcome to participate in person or online. Please indicate your preference on the registration page, you may change your registration status at any time. Note that as time allows, we may hold a facility tour for anyone who participates in person.